Dispatch and Costs

Dispatch costs and times are calculated according to the weight and volume of the product in question.

You may view the price and delivery times after adding the product/s to the cart and entering the dispatch address.
Below is an indication of the main dispatch times and costs.

For products considered voluminous and dedicated deliveries, dispatch will be agreed directly with Customer Care, which will provide details regarding delivery, costs and times. Any requests for special deliveries and assembly by specialised personnel can be agreed and estimated as and when necessary.

Deliveries are made to the ground floor. Other floors may be agreed by writing to Customer Care
(Click here).

Deliveries to the ground floor are made to addresses accessible by truck, articulated lorry or trailer.
If these vehicles cannot access the delivery address, goods will be delivered by carriers with suitable vehicles, on payment of a variable surcharge.

For deliveries to out of the way places, minor islands, the centre of Venice, or areas with limited access (Limited Traffic Zones), a surcharge for transport will be estimated separately.

The goods are delivered packed in cardboard boxes. On demand, they can be packed in fumigated wooden crates, for which an estimate will be provided separately (click here).

Goods can also be collected from our warehouse (click here).


Austria8-10from 150 €
Belgium 8-10from 190 €
Bulgaria 8-10from 250 €
Croatia 8-10from 250 €
Denmark 8-10from 190 €
Finland 8-10from 328 €
France 8-10from 150 €
Germany 8-10from 150 €
Greece 8-10from 250 €
Ireland 8-10from 250 €
Italy 8-10from 90 €
Luxembourg 8-10from 190 €
Norway 8-10from 328 €
Netherlands 8-10from 215 €
Portugal 8-10from 190 €
United Kingdom 8-10from 150 €
Romania 8-10from 250 €
Scotland 8-10from 215 €
Slovenia 8-10from 250 €
Spain 8-10from 150 €
Sweden 8-10from 250 €
Switzerland 8-10from 215 €
Hungary 8-10from 250 €

You changed your mind: the right of withdrawal

If you are not fully satisfied, or if you change your mind regarding the purchase, you have 14 days from the date on which you received the products included in your order to notify your decision to us.
Moreover, you are not required to specify any reason for your decision.
However, we will appreciate if you decide to explain your reasons, as this will help us to improve our products and/or services.
To exercise the right of withdrawal, please notify your decision to us via registered letter with return receipt mailed to the following address: UNO S.P.A. – Via Pacinotti, 23 – 30020 Pramaggiore (VE) oppure a mezzo PEC all’indirizzo uno@pec.unocontract.it
Please remember to specify your personal details, purchase references, the products you need to return.

You cannot exercise the right of withdrawal “if the products that you have purchased are part bespoke, tailored product and have been made to size or customised or if, due to their specific nature, they cannot be reshipped or may risk deteriorating or altering rapidly”, and in any other cases specified by law.
Moreover, the products must be basically intact and in a normal state of conservation, and they must have been kept or used with the due diligence. Please refer to the general sales terms and conditions for further details on this issue.

Return methods following withdrawal
After receiving your notice of withdrawal, UNO S.P.A. will send you a goods return authorization. The shipment will be arranged by UNO S.P.A. and it will be deducted from the refund.
Given that you are responsible for disposing of the packaging material after delivery, we recommend temporarily storing it for at least 14 days, which is the term prescribed for exercising the right of withdrawal: this will make it easier and quicker to package the product, and also preserve it against possible damages during handling and transport.
The cost of the collection service is clear and easy to determine with the help of the following table.

Refund methods and times
UNO S.P.A. will refund the value of the purchased goods, including the shipment costs originally sustained, with the same methods used to settle the previous purchase, unless expressly stated otherwise, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date on which we received the returned goods and assessed that the return was made in compliance with terms and conditions. From the amount thus calculated we will deduct the expenses for the collection service, where necessary.